When can I order?
orders must be placed by noon on friday to ensure preparation for sunday. 

Can I order a different quantity?
Our membership offers you 10 weekly meals of your choosing for 4 weeks. if a membership is not for you, you may order as a guest — select as many or as few of any of our 10 AVAILABLE meals as you’d like, with a 6-meal minimum for deliverY (PICK-UP INFORMATION IS BELOW).

how do i pay?
we accept cash, debit/credit & venmo payments.

can i suspend orders if i'm away?
we understand that schedules can change. we are happy to work with you. email us.


How do I prepare the meals?
meals are prepared & delivered fresh & ready-to-eat, and can be reheated at your convenience. most can be frozen. 

How are the meals packaged?
we use (and reuse) 32-ounce microwaveable containers. We ask that you exchange your used, dishwasher-friendly containers at delivery. 

Do you cater to special diets?
We try to accommodate dietary restrictions as well as possible. email us about your dietary restrictions. 

how many calories are in each meal?
Not all calories are the same! We don't believe calorie counting is the proper way to nourish your body. For that reason, we spend our time preparing healthy, nutrient-rich foods.


What is your delivery area?
we currently deliver in the monmouth county area as well as select ocean county towns. please note, there is a minimum of 6 meals for delivery; pick-up information is below.

what is your delivery schedule?
sunday nights between 4-9pm.

Can I get a different day?
yes, if you're a member (monthly subscriber). 

Can I pick up the meals?
yes, pick-up is available on sundays in neptune 6-8pm (1117 6th ave).